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Pass the Peace

Pass the Peace


At the end of each of our sessions working with athletes, we have a closing wellness tradition called,  Pass the Peace and Offer Support. This unique wellness activity allows participants to set their intention for the week based on the program they just completed and it also offers an opportunity for athletes to support each other in their wellness journey. The team stands in a circle and they pass around a large metal peace sign as they share their wellness intention for the week. They then Pass the Peace and Offer Support to their teammate standing next to them. This tradition allows the athletes to see each other in a more vulnerable way, which builds a deeper connection for the team members on and off the field. When we voice an intention out loud, we are much more likely to follow through. This sweatshirt promotes a sense of community and accountability, which is essential for achieving a healthy lifestyle.  


Please note, these hoodies run a bit small, please order next size up for more comfortable fit.

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