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The word trigger seems to be a word people toss around a lot, especially in my office where I work as a mental health counselor. The word ‘trigger’ is widely understood, but few people know about their opposite: glimmers. Glimmers are small moments that spark joy or peace, which can help cue our nervous system to feel safe or calm. Experts say this mindset shift can make a positive impact on our mental health. Introducing the GLIMMER, a wellness hoodie designed to remind you that glimmers are all around. By noticing these small moments of joy and beauty, you can practice gratitude and find love and inspiration in your daily life. The GLIMMER also encourages you to discover magic and meaning, improving your energy and self-respect. This cozy and stylish hoodie is the perfect way to stay connected to the positive energy in the world around you.


Please note, these hoodies run a bit small, please order next size up for more comfortable fit.

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